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NCB arrested Rhea Chakraborty yesterday in a drug case seeking 14-day custody. While Sushant Singh Rajput fans were expecting her arrest,  the connection of the Kannada film industry with drugs is surprising. Contrarily, many new names that belong to the Sandalwood industry are slowly coming out. Authorities recently arrested two film actresses from the Kannada film industry in drug cases. To top it all the police officials expect the involvement of more actresses from the South Indian and Bollywood film industry.

Ragini Dwivedi's Arrest Sent Shockwave Among Sandalwood Lovers

The first major shock came after the Central Crime Branch (CCB) arrested Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi in a drug peddling case. The officials arrested her after conducting a search of her residence in Bengaluru. They even sent her a notice and asked her to present herself before their team.

Instead, she sent her lawyers with a plea requesting more time. The officials rejected her plea and arrested her. The CCB came into action after the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) caught three persons from Karnataka's capital supplying drugs to Sandalwood parties. Born in Bengaluru, Ragini Dwivedi is famous for her roles in Ragini IPS, Shiva, Bangari, and Kempe Gowda.

Many believe that her arrest is politically motivated.

Incidentally, she was a star campaigner for BJP during elections. However, the BJP party has refused any connection with her.

A day ago, the CCB arrested yet another Kannada film actress Sanjjanaa Galrani. The house of Galrani was searched before her arrest. Her connection with realtor Rahul who eventually is also linked with Ragini led to Sanjjanaa's arrest. According to reports, around 6 people have been arrested and 13 people have been booked in this case.

Why Only Actresses Have Been Arrested in Drug Cases, and No Male Stars?

Surprisingly, all the three persons arrested in drug cases are actresses. And that is what made Kannada actress and producer Parul Yadav question these arrests.

As the probe intensifies more actresses will probably be arrested in drug cases. Rhea Chakraborty allegedly has already given names of top Bollywood stars who consume drugs during parties and on a regular basis. And there is a possibility that a few of them can be actresses.


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