Poonam Singh

Anupamaa, one of the leading TV shows, centres around Rupali Ganguly's portrayal of Anu and her journey through life's trials and tribulations. 

In the forthcoming episode, viewers will witness another captivating twist. Anuj, portrayed by Gaurav Khanna, finds himself distressed as Aadhya's health deteriorates. 

Seeking solace and assistance, he turns to Anupamaa, pleading for her support in caring for their daughter.
Aadhya vehemently opposes her presence at Anuj's residence and badly insults Anu. However, Anu manages to calm Aadhya down and insists she gives her one chance. Aadhya agrees to Anu’s request to let her stay in the house only for Shruti’s betterment.

In the upcoming track, Anu comes to know the severity of Aadhya's condition as her anger escalates, manifesting in destructive behaviour towards household items. Despite Anupama's attempts to intervene, Aadhya pushes her away, highlighting her profound mistrust and resistance towards Anupamaa's presence.

Nevertheless, Anupamaa persists in offering her assistance, embracing Aadhya tightly, and soothing her in distress.

Amidst her newfound responsibilities, Anupamaa experiences a surge of joy upon learning of another opportunity to compete in the superstar chef competition. 

However, her jubilation is tempered by concerns about balancing her familial duties with her aspirations.

Furthermore, tensions arise as Anuj confronts Anupama regarding her growing bond with Yashdeep, hinting at feelings of insecurity and jealousy, as per a Bollywood Life report.

Anuj's observations prompt discussions about the possibility of Anu and Yashdeep's future together. However, Anupama sternly rebukes him and refutes any notion of romantic entanglement with Yash.