Cassian Baliarsingh

The paparazzi, of late, seems to have gone wild with their behaviours in front of celebrities. They do not care about anyone’s privacy and even use foul language while speaking.  Many even dare to call celebrities using different nicknames and disregard requests when asked not to click pictures.

This video of a photographer shouting in front of Ranbir Kapoor proves that they have gone rogue. 

Recently, ‘Animal’ star Ranbir Kapoor was in Surat to attend an event. During media interaction, the actor was left in shock after a photographer started abusing. The photographer got upset because he couldn’t get a good picture of Ranbir and started yelling and using abusive language in front of everyone. This left Ranbir miffed who seemed to get angry and walked away from the stage.

Dressed in a black kurta and pyjama for the event, Ranbir Kapoor looked his dashing self as always. As per reports, the actor was in Surat to inaugurate a jewellery showroom. 

A popular Instagram page shared the video on social media that is now going viral on social media and has drawn mixed reactions from fans.

“Shukar kar Salman Khan nahi tha yaha 😂,” shared a fan while another wrote, “SUNAAI DE RAHA HAIII....BEHRAAA. NAHI HUN MEEINN…🤬”

A third user commented, “Suraties making Ranbir Kapoor feel at home 😂”

“Is there any standard for paps or can just any random person hold a camera or photo and be at these events. Seriously! 🤔🤐,” commented another user.