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Kangana Ranaut Says If No Crackers For Diwali, No Beheading of Trees on Christmas and Cruelty to Animals on Eid Should be Allowed

Known for her candid and controversial remarks, Kangana Ranaut has once again triggered a debate.  To an appeal by the government as well as the leading celebrities on social media, the Queen actress has said that if no crackers for Diwali then beheading of trees should not be allowed on Christmas. She also added that cruelty to animals should also be stopped during Eid.

Incidentally, the National Award-winning actress even challenged the liberals to support her. In her post on Twitter, Kangana Ranaut said, “Let’s make Diwali crackers free, Christmas trees beheading free and Eid animal cruelty-free…. do all woke liberals agree with me? If not then it’s easy to see what you want but not clear why you want what you want. Ask yourself what is the reason behind your dark desires.”

Kangana Ranaut’s Tweet Triggers Debate on Social Media

A few Twitter users supported Kangana Ranaut’s tweet. A user wrote, “Ohh full year they forget about pollution.only during deepawali they wake up from sleep and ban it either ban completely or don’t ban…y hypocrisy 4 to 5 hours of crackers is not going to increase the pollution but these idiots have to habit to poke their nose everywhere.”

Another Twitter user targeted the fashion industry for creating pollution in the environment. He wrote, “Well, but why they remember change to target the sentiments of one particular community. Please research, fashion industry is a major source of environmental degradation but they don’t care about that, firecrackers become eco friendly when they use it in their wedding s.”

Yet another user believes that the issue is not crackers but the growing population. He wrote, “Issue is not these practices when ancient ppl create these practices they never thought one day we will be 7Billion. Issue is population because of which now all these rituals of any religion impacting nature. Either we should control the population or we need to change us.”

At the work front, Kangana Ranaut will be next seen in Jayalalitha’s biopic Thalaivi. She is also gearing up to shoot for her upcoming movies Tejas and Dhaakad.


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