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Aishwarya Rai-Shweta: Have The Bachchans Settled Their Differences?

Even though everything always looked quite good from the surface pictures, body language, and videos always hinted that there was something adrift between Aishwarya Rai, the Bachchan bahu and Shweta Nanda, the Bachchan daughter. In the initial days after Abhishek married Aishwarya, the family seemed to be quite happy with both her niece Navya Naveli and Agastya always seen around the “Devdas” actress in the pictures.

Rift Between Aishwarya And Shweta

It is believed that earlier at the time Abhishek married Aishwarya, Shweta was mostly staying with her husband Nikhil Nanda in Delhi. If rumors are to be believed now the couple has drifted apart and the Bachchan girl spends most of her time in Mumbai with her parents. Slowly, things become worse from bad in between Aishwarya and Shweta so much so that both of them even avoided talking with each other even during public get-togethers.

At a function where both Shweta and Aishwarya were invited, the former came with her father Amitabh Bachchan whereas the daughter-in-law came with her hubby Abhishek in the toe. However, on Raksha Bandhan yesterday the former Miss World posted pictures in which she is seen with all of the Bachchan clan.

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Interestingly, in one of the pictures, she is sharing the space with Shweta. Undoubtedly both the ladies and the entire family look gorgeous. But what is intriguing is that even though both Aishwarya and Shweta are in the same frame they do not seem to be sharing positive vibes. The picture in no way shows that there is a great bonding between the two. That makes one wonder whether the feud between the two Bachchan girls is still going on or have they over the last couple of years crossed the bridge and made a truce.

Now only Aishwarya or Shweta can answer that for sure!

By Sangati Jogwar


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