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New Delhi: Concerns are now being expressed over a CBSE circular asking the evaluators of Class 12th Mathematics paper to award full marks to students for some questions that were earlier considered 'tricky'.

Sources said CBSE in a corrigendum released on March 30 asked the evaluators to follow a different marking structure for question number 29 (set 1 and 2), question 27 (set 3). It further mentions that the six-mark question from the linear programming chapter could be comprehended and solved in two ways.

Though the question number 29 doesn't have a technical issue but it can be interpreted in two ways and hence the board decided to give marks to the students any way they answer. It suggests that the students who have attempted the question will get full marks.

Many believe that such move is unfair as giving full marks cannot be a solution. Attempting a question is important and those who have done it need to be rewarded.

"This year, many errors were spotted in CBSE exams. In class 12 mathematics question papers, another six marks question (number 26) asked students to find the area ‘above’ the x-axis in English while in the same set the Hindi translation asked students to find the area ‘around’ X-axis which also leads to confusion, however, no notice on the same has been received yet," The Indian Express reported.

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