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Sharmili Mallick

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been taking student-friendly initiatives to make the entire teaching and learning process smooth. Continuing with its efforts for the same, the Board has this time come up with major change in the evaluation process to make the system error-free as well as to improve its quality.

As per the recent changes, the Board has reduced the number of copies to be evaluated in a day which will also ease the load of copy coordination. This means, the evaluator will have to check only 20 answer scripts instead of 25 in the main subjects. This will also lessen the coordination work from 100 to 80 copies.

The process was first experimented during the evaluation of the answer scripts of Class 10 and Class 12 compartmental examinations. The changed method will be implemented in the evaluation of regular Class 10 and 12 answer scripts from next year.

“Due to the reduction in the number of copies to be evaluated, CBSE is wishing to march towards ‘error-free and quality evaluation’. (The) above vision can become a reality only when schools are relieving their subject expert teachers for evaluation to them,” CBSE chairperson Anita Karwal wrote in a letter to the principals of the affiliated schools on Friday.

With the help of all stakeholders, “a day will come in very near future when candidates will apply for verification and re-evaluation but there won’t be any change in the earlier marks awarded," the letter read.
Karwal also urged the school authorities through the letter to relieve the teachers immediately after receiving instructions from the regional office of the CBSE.

Reportedly, the CBSE had complained to the Delhi directorate of education against around 300 teachers who skipped the evaluation process this year.

The Board further claimed that the mistakes found during the re-evaluation this year were few and of 'small magnitude'. But those mistakes could have could have been avoided during the evaluation process, especially by evaluators and coordinators, pointed out CBSE chairperson.

The CBSE had increased the number of head examiners by 40 percent during the evaluation this year. The Board had also conducted workshops and training sessions with the centre superintendents and the evaluators at all centres across the country to ensure error-free marking and to minimise subjectivity. As the observers were also compulsorily in the examination process by the board, over 1.75 lakh people participated in the process.

The Board further claimed that this is one of the reasons behind declaration of the Class XII results in a record 28 days.

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