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Imran’s new blooper: Drags “Japanese Religion” to draw Kamikaze analogy with ‘Jehadi’ attacks

Mecca: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan goofed up again. Post his recent controversial statement regarding Japan (an Asian country) sharing borders with Germany (a Central European country), the Pak PM has stoked another controversy and this time again on Japan.

Speaking at the OIC summit held in Mecca, Khan talked on how the Western nations are responsible for what he called the ‘Islamophobia’ growing around the world, and he stressed on that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Drawing an analogy, the cricketer-turned-politician cited the instance of Kamikaze attack of Japan in the Second World War and said none had then blamed the “Japanese religion” for the suicidal attacks. In fact, Khan is drawing an analogy of Jehadi suicide attack with that of Japan’s Kamikaze suicidal mission.

Kamikaze means an aircraft that was used for suicidal mission. During World War -II, Japanese air force  used such Kamikaze attacks to destroy the US warships. It is believed that US had lost some 7,000 naval personnel in such guided attacks, and this had triggered US nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

While Khan’s new blunder has not gone down well in the world community, the social media reacted instantaneously asking what does Imran meant by “Japanese Religion” and why he was dragging  Japan’s religion here. Significantly, there is nothing called “Japanese religion”. Rather, Japan has two religions – Shinto and Buddhism. The social media poked fun at Khan’s analogy, with some even raising questions on Pak PM’s general knowledge about world history and geography.

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