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Hotter Clime Soon?
Odisha Capital Records 38.5 Deg C: Will Mercury Shoot Up?

On April 22, the mercury will shoot up over 42 deg C in the 12 districts of the State

  • Wednesday, 13 April 2022
Blast Furnace Heat In Odisha!
Odisha Will Turn Hot Plate On Apr 16: 42 Deg C In Bhubaneswar, 44 Deg C In Western Dists

If IITM-MME forecast is to be believed, there is a high probability (around 50 percent) of heatwave sweeping across Odisha till April-end

  • Sunday, 03 April 2022
The Inside story Of Low Pressure System
Low Pressure Area In Next 60 Hrs: Know The Inside Story Of Bay of Bengal, Odisha

The area of LPS has all the elements in its favour - from tropical cyclone heat potential to sea surface temperature. But will, literally, counter with  the headwinds

  • Sunday, 03 April 2022
satellite Image
Low Pressure Likely On Apr 6 In Bay Of Bengal: Know The Impact 

On April 7, as many as 12 districts in the State are predicted to record a maximum temperature of over 42 deg C

  • Monday, 28 March 2022
Heat Wave To Singe Odisha
Heat Wave To Sweep Odisha After March 17, 40 deg C In Bhubaneswar From Mar 13

The CAPE value in Bhubaneswar will breach the 2000J/Kg level on March 20 which may trigger a thunderstorm

  • Friday, 11 March 2022
2 More Western Disturbances coming!
Will Odisha See More Rains? Two More Western Disturbances To Hit India Between Jan 16 -20

Many places in the State are going to receive rainfall induced by the second Western Disturbance

  • Friday, 14 January 2022
Rain and Hailstorm To Hit Odisha on Jan 12-14
Amid Omicron Surge, 24mm Rain & Hailstorm To Hit Odisha's Bhubaneswar on Jan 13-15

The CAPE data of the model shows high lifting of air parcels in Bhubaneswar atmosphere on Jan 13 and 14, which indicate hail/thunderstorm likely on Jan 13, 14 and 15.

  • Thursday, 06 January 2022
Latest Satellite image capturing the position of 94 W
Will Cyclone Jawad Skirt Andhra Pradesh - Odisha Coast? INCOIS, NCEP Forecasts Drop The Hint

As per INCOIS and NCEP forecast, Cyclone will track northeast direction after reaching close to Srikakulam coasts. The system will run parallel to the Odisha coast, and drift further in a northeast direction from around the Paradip coast

  • Thursday, 02 December 2021
Cyclonic Storm On Dec 3!
Cyclonic Storm On Dec 3: 70mm Rainfall In Bhubaneswar On Dec 4; AP, WB On Radar

INCOIS and ECMWF predict landfall in Andhra Pradesh, GFS, ACCESS bet on West Bengal. The consensus is Odisha will witness heavy rain and enough wind to damage crops

  • Saturday, 27 November 2021
October 18: Odisha Alert!
October 18: Weather Models Predict Extremely Severe Cyclone To Depression Hitting Odisha

While ECMWF and IMD models agree on Odisha taking a hit by at least a  depression that will bring very heavy rainfall of 70mm/24hrs, the NCEP-GFS sees it as an extremely severe cyclonic storm. Very Heavy Rains In Andhra Pradesh on Oct 16 

  • Friday, 08 October 2021