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Hungarian GP: Andrian Sutil expects to finish top 10

Budapest: Having bagged sixth position in German Grand Prix last weekend, Force India driver Adrian Sutil said he expects to put up another good show at the Hungaroring on Sunday and finish within top-10.

"I think we have a good package at the moment and I think we`re also going to be quite good there, around the top-10. If we run a good strategy and a good race then points are possible, absolutely," Sutil said.

"Now we have to keep this momentum, and score a lot more points. Hopefully we can beat a few of our competitors," he added.

Insisting that Hungary is not fast but a very technical circuit, Sutil said, "It`s a high downforce circuit. There`s no time to relax, there`s always a corner coming. It`s a nice circuit, and it would be good to finish the first part of the season with a good result before we go on the summer break."

"Spa and Monza are always good for us, so there are some good circuits coming up that will suit our car and suit me as well," he said.

Germany`s Sutil, who earned eight points for his team with a sixth-place finish last weekend, said it was satisfying to do well on his home turf.

"It was a great result, and of course you have to make the right decisions in the race, and do the right strategy, so it`s not that easy. But we really did everything perfectly last weekend. Everyone in the team deserved that result."

He also expressed satisfaction that he could keep in touch with the cars in front of him, including that of Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel`s and also got away from the people behind him.

"The pace was generally there, I was always pushing Nico Rosberg, and also the cars in front of him, Massa and Vettel, were within my pace – a little bit faster, but it was not like the races before, when they were in a different world! That was already a good feeling, and I thought this could be a good race."

"Everything was just much better last weekend, I had a good feeling with the car, I felt very comfortable, and the pace improved a lot," Sutil said.

Stating that it was a great feeling to be so close to Mark Webber that the Red Bull driver actually came out behind him at the first stops, the Force India driver said, "I was always in the race. When people pitted I was up to fourth position. Webber came out behind me, and with new tyres on he was much faster, and also on a different strategy.

"It was important for us to do a clever race as well, not push too much in certain situations. Everything was really good from the start to the end."

At one point in the race, Sutil also had a battle with Jenson Button of McLaren.

"He was pushing hard. I tried to hold him up as much possible, but I had to lap a car – I think it was Timo Glock – and he let me by very late, so I had a bad exit out of the last corner, and then there was a chance for Jenson to pass me. I think it was a fair manoeuvre."

"I couldn`t really hold onto his pace, he was just a little bit faster. I was lucky that he had a failure on his car and I got the position back," he explained.

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