Optimise your search better in Google by using these tips

There is a little doubt that Google has become one of the most indispensable technological assets accessible to billions of people across the world today. Be it professionals, students, scientists or even a simple layman, Google has earned the reputation of being the most efficient internet tool for carrying out innumerable tasks through online.

What makes it special is its brilliant user-friendly search engine that allows people to find almost everything that is available in the cyberspace.

But as most users fail to take full advantage of Google and its vast tools of exploration, we share some best tricks to make the most out of this incredible asset.

Search by keywords

You should note that searching is all about how easy you can make for the Google to search. That is where keywords come to play. Brainstorm what you really want and select only the best and small number of words for better earch results.

Use search operators like – OR, AND, (*) Asterisk, (-) Minus, Around

  • In case of usage of OR, Google will show results with either-or words or having any of those words in your mention.
  • Usage of AND will prompt Google to list must-have words in the search query.
  • If you use (*) Asterisk, Google will tell intelligently list out all those words or group of words that most likely to present in place of asterisk.
  • Minus will help searchers prohibit words in the search query, because Google lists results that don’t have those words in case of usage of Minus.

 Use (..) double quotes

Double quotes can be used for specific search because Google shows you the results between the quotes with same order of words as listed in the phrase and not any related searches.


Use site: for searching information on related queries within a given website and not from whole of the internet.


By using word ‘related’ and placing colon (:) after it will help find sites that are similar to the present searched site.

Use… filetype:

By using this trick use can search for specific files on the web rather than content or websites. It is more helpful in case of searches for PDFs, presentations or files with other extensions.

Use… intitle:

It allows you to search the titles of the pages and not just content.


This trick aids users search for terms in the URLs of web pages along with keywords.

Use… define:

This facility in Google helps people to ask definitions, synonyms, antonyms of the searched word.

Search for what others are searching

Google Trends is a superb tool not only to keep yourself abreast of what is happening but also what is trending in the cyberspace.

Translate from one language to another

Google also offers swifter and better facility to easily translate text by using Translate option.

Use… Cache:

In case you cannot access to some websites due to blockage, you can fetch cache copies of web pages from the Google rather than original server of the site which has been blocked for you.

Search contacts

This is a magnificent feature applicable only on mobile devices. Through this facility, user can log into his contacts, information and even call them right away through Google Search. Your phone which has synced itself with Google will help you in this. You can also search your photos from your galleries.

Keep it simple and add search items in case Google doesn’t shovel out the results as expected

Voice & image search

Use the microphone button in the Google Chrome browser or application on Android to filter search queries based on what you say to it. The more clearly you can pronounce the words the better Google can search for you. In case you want to search for some images but you have an image related to it, so you can basically click the Camera button in the Google Images search bar, paste the image URL or upload picture from your system to make an image search.