Cassian Baliarsingh

For years now, the topic of aliens living in other planets has always been a subject of discussion. However, there has been no concrete evidence of the existence of aliens. Different studies have revealed different facts and details.

While we have always been shown aliens looking weird in green colours, recent studies reveal that aliens are in fact purple in colour and not green. Although there is no concrete proof in this regard, as per research by scientists at Cornell University, aliens might be purple, but not green. The scientists further revealed that the aliens also might be residing on a planet just like Earth, but they would not be as green as our planet.

It might be completely different, hence aliens might be also of different colours, a report in News18 stated.
Revealing the reasons for aliens being purple-coloured, scientists said that they would be covered in bacteria. The researchers have also claimed that their planet might have little to no light.

“Purple bacteria can grow in many types of conditions and can even survive adverse conditions. The purple-coloured bacteria can also survive by photosynthesis even in low light compared to plants. These bacteria use many forms of cholorophyll which helps convert light from the sun into food,” informed Dr. Ligia Fonseca Coelho, head of the research team and professor at Carl Sagan Institute (CSI)-Cornell University.

Similarly, Lisa Kaltenegger, director of the Carl Sagan Institute, said, “Purple bacteria can survive and thrive under such a variety of conditions that it is easy to imagine that on many different worlds, purple may just be the new green.”