Devbrat Patnaik

BJP State General Secretary Prithviraj Harichandan’s recent statements on the rebel war within BJD cannot be ruled out completely. A video of senior BJD leader Sanjay Das Burma’s address during a party padyatra in Malasahi under Brahmagiri Sadar block of Puri has fuelled the speculations of party infighting.

It indeed was shocking and explosive when Das Burma said that a conspiracy has been hatched to usurp Odisha’s wealth, its rich mineral resources and the Ratna Bhandar - Lord Jagannath temple's treasure trove.

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“Some foreign powers, very similar to that witnessed in British era, are very active in the state. They are attempting to loot mineral resources and Srimandir Ratna Bhandar. We need to defeat them, we need to foil their conspiracy. I sincerely appeal to all the mothers, to protect us and give us strength to fight these conspirators,” said the ruling party’s general secretary during his public address, the video of which is viral now.

Notably, Sanjay Das Burma has held many important portfolios as minister in the Naveen Patnaik Cabinet. Following his defeat in the 2019 general elections, he was made the Deputy Chairperson of the State Planning Board. However, when a few days back responsibilities of different Commissions were re-allocated, Das Burma wasn’t considered for any of the positions in the Boards.

“The present situation has changed. Some people think that every decision made will be abided by. Fitting reply will be given to the conspirators. We will die fighting but will never stoop down to encourage settlement politics,” the former minister said. 

The question here is who was Das Burma targeting? Did he indirectly point fingers towards the ultimate decision makers – the most powerful and influential leaders of the BJD?

No comments could be obtained from any of the senior leaders of the ruling party.