Man, Over 8 Feet Tall, Undergoes Hip Replacement Surgery

Ahmedabad: Dharmendra Pratap Singh, considered to be the tallest living person in India, underwent hip replacement surgery at a private hospital here.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, 43-year-old Singh, who is 8 ft 1 inches tall, said he was recovering well.

He was suffering pain after meeting with an accident, he said.

A native of Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh, Singh came to Ahmedabad after a hospital in Lucknow said it could not operate on him.

The surgery was performed at K D Hospital here on August 26.

“Our biggest challenge was to manage the size of the hip. A size 68 acetabular cup was used on the right side, while a size 70 cup was used on the left. Sizes 52 or 54 are used in case of a person with average height,” said Dr Ateet Sharma, who led the team of surgeons.

The hospital sourced large-sized acetabular cups from Chennai, along with large-sized femoral stems.

The surgery was performed free-of-cost in view of Singh’s financial condition, the hospital said.