Sangati Jogwar

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  • Hindus believe that Chaitra Purnima is the day when your sins can be rectified.
  • It has a special connection with Chitragupta.

Chaitra Purnima or Chaitra Full Moon occurs when the Moon aligns with Chaitra in the Libra constellation whereas the Sun is in an exalted position in Aries. Generally, it is considered that Full Moon is the right period when creation and manifestations should take place as it is the time when your mind can achieve a good balance of thoughts.

Chaitra Purnima and Chitragupta connection

Chitragupta is considered the Keeper of Deeds or Karma according to Hindu scriptures and he keeps the account of all the positive and negative karmas and presents the result to the God of Death that is Yama. It is considered that on Chaitra Purnima or Full Moon Chitragupta blesses his devotees and helps those who want to wash away their sins and attain a virtuous life. Since he is the one who keeps the records of the births and deaths and also of the good and bad karmas, it is his records that decide the punishments or the rewards after our death.

Hindus believe that Chaitra Purnima is the day when your sins can be rectified and negative deeds can be eliminated. That is why on this day devotees seek blessings from God by praying for forgiveness. It is also the birthday of Lord Hanuman and hence is a very auspicious day.

What are the rituals performed on Chaitra Purnima?

After taking a bath early in the morning special pujas are performed in various temples across India. Many people keep fast on this day and offer food to the needy and poor people so that they can receive blessings from God. In South India , there is a temple in Kanchipuram dedicated to Chitragupta.

It is the only temple in the Southern part of India dedicated to Chitragupta. On Chaitra Purnima, several people flock to this temple, offer bhog and flower garlands, and seek blessings from God so that all their sins are washed away and they are encouraged to perform good karmas.