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Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: The COVID-19 graph in Bhubaneswar will almost remain flat in October, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner, Prem Chandra Chaudhary said on Tuesday. However, the number of new cases is likely to come down by October end, he added.

Stating that the overall COVID-19 situation in the smart city is very much under control, the BMC Commissioner said, “We had projected the active cases to be at 5,000 by September 15 in Bhubaneswar. At present, the COVID-19 graph is plateauing in Bhubaneswar.”

According to Chaudhary, Bhubaneswar is presently witnessing over 300 new COVID-19 cases against the daily load of 500 cases per day earlier. It suggests that plateauing of COVID-19 cases has begun in the city.

“The sero-prevalence is not more than 10% which means we may remain at this plateau for a longer period, but there is a possibility that there will not be any major spike in number of COVID-19 cases. There are also chances of COVID-19 cases declining in October,” Chaudhary informed.

The Municipal Commissioner further stated, “The load and pressure in hospitals and CCCs which was in the past has improved significantly and we are comfortable with the facilities and availability of beds.”

On August 31, total COVID-19 cases in Bhubaneswar stood at 10,425 including 4,038 active cases. Bhubaneswar had reported the highest single-day spike 580 new COVID-19 cases on September 3. The total active cases breached the 5,000 mark on September 6.

According to latest data as on September 29, the total COVID-19 cases in Bhubaneswar stood at 21,197 including 3,595 active cases and 17,497 recoveries. The COVID-19 death toll in Bhubaneswar is 88 (till September 28).

Meanwhile, Bhubaneswar reported 329 new COVID-19 cases today.

(Edited By Bikram Keshari Jena)

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