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Puri: The 9-member team probing allegations of usurping land allotted to Puri Swargadwar (the holy crematorium), have found substantial proof of illegal transfer of land meant for the purpose to private parties.

The investigating team in the second day of its inquiry today vetted the land records dating 90 years back and have found proof of irregularities which have led to private ownership of land.

According to sources, the team has already examined documents of 30 sub plots under plot numbered 242, which is a tract of 16.4 acre originally allotted for Swargadwar.

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Sources informed that probe officials have found out that land from the plot have been transferred to several persons in violation of Odisha Survey and Settlement Act. Out of the 16.4 acre, 10.342 acre land has been recorded in the name of as many as 158 persons at various points in time, informed sources.

In 1899, there was 33.110 acre land in 56 plots under record numbered 33 of Balisahi Mouza. Out of this tract, the caretaker of 16.4 acre land demarcated by plot no- 853 were Madhusudan Tirthaswamy and Guru Damodar Tirthaswamy. However, in the 1989’s latest settlement (Hal settlement), the same plot was reduced to a mere 0.465 acre.

The probe team is trying to trace the events which led to such a discrepancy, informed sources.

On the other hand, Urban Development minister Pushpendra Singhdeo today said, RDC probe is in progress following which action will be taken accordingly.