Vikash Sharma

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday predicted that rainfall across the country would be normal in the month of June this year. The monsoon rainfall during the next four months (June to September) is likely to be “normal” at 103% of long-period average (LPA), with a model error of +/-4%.

The monsoon rainfall in India is likely to be above normal over central India (over 106% of LPA), and southern peninsula (over 106% of LPA). It is likely to be normal over northeast India (96-106% of LPA) and northwest India (96-106% of LPA).

As per the seasonal forecast, the monsoon rainfall activity in many places of Odisha will see above normal in the month of June which will help agricultural activities in the State. No forecast has been made for the intensity of rainfall in the month of July and August.

As per the seasonal rainfall forecast, several parts of Odisha will record above normal rainfall in June while other districts (central and north Odisha districts) will receive below normal rainfall. However, there is a probability of below normal rainfall in some parts of the State this monsoon season.

IMD DG Mrutyunjay Mohapatra said no forecast has been made regarding the monsoon onset in Odisha as the southwest monsoon is yet to cover more parts of Bay of Bengal.

Usually the monsoon sets in around June 10 to June 12. Before it sets in in Odisha, the southwest monsoon usually covers Bay of Bengal.

As per the latest forecast, monsoon will cover Konkan and maximum parts of Karnakata and some parts of north-eastern States in the next 2 to 3 days. 

“Only after this, the conditions will be favourable for the advancement of monsoon. We are continuously monitoring the developments and advancement of monsoon in the country,” said Mohapatra.

Rainfall forecast for India in June:

Normal or above normal rainfall is most likely over many parts of northwest & central India, northern parts of South Peninsula and some parts of east India. Below normal rainfall is most likely over many parts of northeast India, some pockets of central & east India and southern parts of south peninsular India.