Vikash Sharma

At a time when people in several parts of the country are eagerly waiting to get relief from the scorching heat wave conditions, the news that the monsoon onset over Kerela is likely to get delayed has come as a setback.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday informed that the onset of the southwest monsoon over Kerala is likely to get slightly delayed than the normal date of arrival.

“The monsoon onset over Kerala is likely to be on June 4 with a model error of ± 4 days,” said IMD.

As per IMD, the advancement of the southwest monsoon over the Indian mainland is marked by monsoon onset over Kerala.

It is an important indicator characterizing the transition from hot and dry season to a rainy season. The Southwest monsoon normally sets in over Kerala on June 1 with a standard deviation of about 7 days.

IMD’s operational forecasts of the date of monsoon onset over Kerala during the past 18 years (2005-2022) have proved correct except in 2015.