Dilip Kumar

News Highlights

  • Cyclone 'Yaas' is fast approaching the coast and likely to make landfall tomorrow 

  • People should follow the Do's & Don'ts before, during after the cyclone to stay safe during Covid pandemic

  • OTV listed out some points of Do's and Don'ts to be followed 

Bhubaneswar: As the severe cyclonic storm is fast approaching the coast, which is likely to make landfall between North Odisha and West Bengal tomorrow, the government has started evacuating people from vulnerable areas to safe places in sensitive districts with taking measures for rescue, relief and restoration works.

Due to lack of awareness, people mostly resort to wrong doings before and after the cyclone which put them at risk. As the calamity is approaching at a time when the State is struggling hard to get out of the Covid pandemic, people should take extra pre-cautions to save themselves from such double disasters.

 Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts before, during and after the cyclone.

1.    Ignore rumours, stay calm, don’t panic, stay away from panic buying
2.    Keep your mobile phones charged to ensure connectivity; use SMS
3.    Listen to radio, watch TV, read newspapers for weather updates
4.    Keep your documents and valuables in water-proof containers at a safe place
5.    Prepare an emergency kit with essential items including torch, match box, soaps, sanitizers, masks, medicines and candles for safety and survival
6.    Secure your house with necessary repairing; don’t leave sharp objects loose and open
7.    Untie cattle/animals and take them to safe places 
8.    Shift pregnant women to hospital if the date is due
9.    Give priorities to the elderly persons, children, infants, Divyangs and patients while moving to cyclone centres
10.    Fishermen should keep radio and extra batteries handy and listening to updated news

What to do during cyclone
1.    Switch off electrical main points, Disconnect the cooking gas supply
2.    Keep doors and windows shut
3.    If your house is unsafe, leave early before onset of the cyclone
4.    Listen to radio/transistor
5.    Drink boiled/chlorinated water
6.    Rely only on official warnings only
Outdoor Activities
1.    Do not enter damaged and dilapidated buildings
2.    Watch out for broken electric poles and wires
3.    Seek a safe shelter

In Cyclone centres
1.    Maintain physical distance as much as possible and mask up face always
2.    Keep washing hands with soaps or hand wash/ sanitize your hands 
3.    Stay away from people having flu symptoms
4.    Dump the used masks, pads and other materials in dumping bin and don’t throw them outside
5.    Use the toilets at cyclone centre and don’t defecate in open places