Vikash Sharma

 At a time when people across Odisha are anxiously waiting for concrete updates regarding the probable cyclone brewing over Bay of Bengal, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Friday reiterated that a clear picture will emerge only after a low pressure system develops.

IMD Director General (DG) Mrutyunjay Mohapatra today said that so far only a forecast regarding formation of cyclonic storm over Southeast on May 6 and subsequent development of low pressure system on May 7 has been made.

“After the low pressure, it will gradually concentrate into a depression around May 8 and. It is likely to intensify into a cyclonic storm while moving nearly northwards towards the central Bay of Bengal,” said Mohapatra.

According to Mohapatra, even though Odisha is prone to summer cyclones, it doesn’t mean that all cyclones affect the state.

“We have not issued any prediction about the probable cyclone and its impact on Odisha. We will be in a position to come up with pin-point prediction over its path, intensity and other aspects after the low pressure area develops,” Mohapatra added.

According to Mohapatra, there is consistency in the forecast made by IMD so far.

Cyclone Season

There is every possibility of formation of summer cyclones and chances of cyclone in month of May is more. Some cyclones have also affected Odisha in the past.

“Summer cyclones are nothing new. But it doesn’t mean that all cyclones affect Odisha. So far we have not issued any forecast regarding the path of the cyclone and its impact on any part. We have not said that its impact will be on Odisha. Only after low pressure forms, more clarity will emerge,” Mohapatra added.

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