Delhi Regional Labour Commissioner Ashok Perumalla has written an email to Tata Sons Chairman N. Chandrasekaran stating that the concerns raised by the union and cabin crew members of Air India Express are genuine and a high-level committee should inquire about the grievances of the employees.

Around 300 crew members of Air India Express, which is owned by Tata, have called in sick, claiming that despite promises of job security, salary preservation, and recognition of seniority and expertise, there has been a noticeable deviation from these assurances. Over 100 international and national flights have been impacted since Tuesday.

The email sent by Perumalla on May 3, which was also marked to Air India Express CEO Aloke Singh and Air India CEO Campbell Wilson, stated that the concerns of the Union are genuine and the management of the airline has not sent any responsible decision-makers to any of the conciliation proceedings.

“Mismanagement and blatant violations of labour laws were apparent. The HR department tried to mislead the conciliation officer with the wrong information and an idiotic interpretation of legal provisions,” read the email by Perumalla.

Perumalla further in the mail suggested to send a high-level committee to inquire into the grievances of the employees and the functioning of the HR department and take corrective measures at the earliest to maintain harmonious industrial relations.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has requested a detailed report from Air India Express regarding the cancellation of flights and urged them to address the issues promptly. Additionally, the airline has been instructed to ensure that passenger facilities adhere to the norms set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

The Air India Express Employees Union (AIXEU), representing a segment of cabin crew members, had also earlier written to Chandrasekaran, addressing employee grievances and expressing concerns about the ongoing situation within Air India Express Limited, especially after its acquisition by Tata.

The union has accused the airline of mismanagement and unequal treatment of staff, claiming that these issues have adversely impacted employee morale.

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