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A luxury fashion label introduced "Stain Stonewash Jeans," with a groin strain resembling urine marks. Shockingly, the jeans with ‘pee stain’ are priced at Rs 50,000. However, much to everyone’s shock, the jeans are now all sold out.

Originally priced at Rs 67,600, the jeans are now sold out with a lighter wash variant fetching $608. The shocking price has left netizens in disbelief who criticised the brand and dubbed it as "pee stain denim."

Social media users are expressing disbelief and disdain. Netizens hilariously trolled the brand for selling the jeans for hefty prices. The hefty prices of the jeans led to hilarious jokes and memes online on Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter).


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“Mera 6 sal ka beta inse partnership karna chahta he , jeans par stain dalne ke liye,” commented a user.

Another user commented, “Moral of the story: Rich fools will buy anything with a brand name on it.”

“After few days. We will roam around wearing clothes with ‘tatti’,” commented another user. Another user wrote, “This is disgusting and mentally fucked generation.”

However, the brand defends the design as the ultimate denim piece.