Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

It requires a lot of self-confidence to feel motivated and get ready for real-life experiences. It also helps to hone skills and coping methods to handle setbacks and failures. One can achieve greater things by being self-confident. 

Dancing publicly also requires self-confidence. Everyone just can’t start dancing at crowded events even though they have skills. At different sports tournaments, cheerleaders can be seen dancing and cheering up and encouraging the teams battling on the field. While they elevate the fighting spirit within the sportsmen, they also draw the attention of the audience.

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However, recently, some videos have surfaced on social media in which audiences and cheer girls are seen collaborating to entertain the mass.

Here we bring you two videos that show a youth copying cheer girls and grooving to the music beats at a stadium.

As seen in the videos, two cheer girls are seen dancing beyond the boundary and close to the fence. Meanwhile, behind the cheer girls, a youth standing in the stands is seen copying the girls' moves.

As it seems, the incident was captured at Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat during an IPL match between Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals.

The videos shared on Instagram by army_lover_rahul_303 have gone viral on social media garnering massive views. Even several users appreciated the confidence of the youth for dancing in public glare and stealing the show.