Cassian Baliarsingh

High drama unfolded inside a hotel room after a woman caught her husband with his ‘girlfriend’. The couple was in a celebratory mood inside the hotel room with cake, wine, and balloons, when the unexpected happened.

The man’s wife along with her children and relatives entered the hotel room and brutally thrashed both of them. The two were thrashed on the same bed that they had decorated with rose petals. The entire incident was recorded on a mobile and the video is now going viral.

The video begins with the man’s wife and children knocking on the door of the hotel room. The man opens the door and is shocked to see his wife and children. On the other hand, his ‘girlfriend’ is seen sitting on a couch ready to cut the cake and celebrate. However, their celebration dream goes in vain as the woman and her children thrash both of them before they can understand anything.

The man’s wife can be seen crying out and beating up the other woman for ‘breaking her family’. The man on the other hand tries to call the police. However, his son and daughter continue to thrash them until they sit on the floor.

The viral video has once again sparked a debate on the rising infidelity and extramarital affairs in the country. 

“The man deserves more thrashing. Beat him up in the public so that no man dares to have an extramarital affair,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “Imagine the situation was vice-versa and a husband caught his wife with another man. Nobody would care and there is no law to protect men.”

“All the laws are for women only, nobody cares about men,” wrote another user.