Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

A marriage is said to be one of the most auspicious rituals that is in practice for ages. This auspicious ritual unites two persons and brings two families together. However, it is much more than just a ritual and different people must have various versions of the explanation. 

The importance of marriage can be better explained by elders or experienced people. What about a kid's version of explaining marriage, who is not aware of its real importance?

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Here we bring a kid's explanation of 'What is marriage,' that has gone viral on social media. The school essay on 'What is marriage,' will leave you rolling on the floors, laughing.

The kid explains marriage in the essay as: Marriage happens when the parents of a girl say to her "You are a big woman now. We can't feed you again. Better go and find a man who will start feeding you. And the girl meets with a man whose parents shout at him to marry. Please you are now a big man."

"Both of them test themselves and become happy. Then agree to live together, and start doing nonsense to have children."

What is Marriage EssayWhat is Marriage Essay

Of course, the teacher got annoyed with the kid's explanation of marriage and the kid scored 0/10 with a remark reading 'nonsense.' 

Though the original source of the essay couldn’t be verified, it has gone viral on social media triggering a laugh riot.

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