Rashmi Rekha Das

Dogs are known for being extremely friendly to humans. They always crave human company and enjoy human companionship. 

Recently, a video of a girl playing hide and sick with her pet dog has gained traction on social media.

Shared by Buitengebieden with a caption ‘Playing hide and seek', the video spanning for 25-second has been loved by dog lovers across the globe. The beautiful short clip will make you smile for sure.

In the viral video, a girl can be seen telling her pet dog that they are going to play hide and seek. Later, she explains the rules to him. 
The girl can be seen telling the dog named Monkey to play hide and seek. “You go hide, and then search and find me,” she told the dog. Listening to the girl’s instruction, the dog can be seen closing his eyes while the girl goes for hiding herself. Later, the dog can be seen successfully locating the little girl’s position.

More than 3,000 people retweeted the video, which earned close to 30,000 likes overall. 

One user wrote: “This is amazing. never seen a dog play hide n seek this way.”

“Very cute, but the dog will always find her very quickly, that nose is the best ever piece of detection equipment known to man”, commented a second user.

Yet another reader commented, “#dog it’s different level of bonding.”