Poonam Singh

Brides and grooms try to capture every special moment of their wedding on camera to reminisce it in the future. Often, some hilarious or unique wedding videos go viral on social media.

The latest addition to the hilarious wedding videos of a bride who got a contract made for a list of things that she wished her husband to do after the wedding.

So, apart from the 'saat vachhans' (seven commitments), that the bride and groom take during their 'pheras', she made contract with her groom in a unique way which had both their wishes.

The bride, Shanti, added eight vachhans in a contract which they both signed after their 'varmala' rituals with their family and friends as their witnesses. The video was shared by the wedding photograph which has gone viral now with over 1.7 million likes. 

In the now-viral video, the bride and groom can be seen signing the contract while their friends and family surround them.

Watch Video:

The things groom Mantu is supposed to do/not do after their wedding are:

•    Only one Pizza in a month
•    Always say yes to Ghar ka khanna
•    Must and should wear saree everyday
•    Late night parties are allowed but only with me
•    Go to gym daily
•    Sunday morning breakfast tum banaogay
•    Have to take good picture in every party
•    Shopping after every 15 days

Netizens were left in splits after watching the video. One user said, "This contract should happen on every Wedding πŸ’‘ ❀️." Another wrote, "Best deal ever 😘😘😘"

A third user commented, "Getting all the goals." Yet another joked, "Bro aise contract hai to me nhi karunga shaadi πŸ˜‚.