Cassian Baliarsingh

From moving rocks to blood-coloured rain, Mother Nature is so mysterious and unpredictable that even science has failed to understand some natural phenomena.

There are many perplexing puzzles in the universe that can even leave scientists in a tizzy. Despite the rapid pace of development in technology, we have failed to unlock many mysteries and the magic of nature.

Now, a video of trees maintaining social distancing is going viral. This video of trees maintaining social distancing seems like Mother Nature isn’t willing to reveal all her tricks so quickly.

Most of us became acquainted with the word ‘social distancing’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, a canopy of trees has been maintaining social distancing for ages and doesn’t touch each other. This video shared by IFS Ramesh Pandey will leave you spellbound.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Pandey shared the mesmerizing video of trees maintaining social distancing and wrote, “Canopy of trees, especially of the same species, don’t touch each other. It’s a kind of social distancing, called crown shyness.”

With over 94.7K views, 1358 likes and counting, the video is going viral on social media. Twitteratis are stunned to see how the trees are not touching each other. The thrilling video shows the aerial view of trees maintaining social distancing that has left social media users in awe of Mother Nature.

“OMG, it’s really calming to just stare at the canopies dancing in the wind,” commented a user while another user wrote, “What a beautiful presentation of social distancing. Really Marvelous.”

“Nature is so amazing. What could be nature’s strategy here… a small gap to let elements come in for surface plant bushes creepers? Caring for other species, survival of all, not only the fittest,” commented a third user.

Another user praised the IFS for the video and wrote, “Amazing view Sir. It also indicates your deep research and study about nature and its behaviour. We all know your closeness to nature and this post is the repercussion of that phenomenon.”