Cassian Baliarsingh

It is no longer surprising to see people making reels and dancing in public places. Everywhere we go, there are youngsters making reels in malls, parks, metros, trains and roadways. Despite repeated backlash, influencers continue to grab attention by dancing and shooting reels in public places.

Amid severe backlash over bizarre outfits and fights inside the Delhi Metro, a video of a young girl dancing inside the metro has left the internet furious. Even as other passengers feel uncomfortable and are ogling at her, the girl continues to record her dance. 
Meanwhile, another girl also joins her in the dance from behind. 

Identified as @itz—officialroy, the girl shared the video on her Instagram profile and wrote, “Backside lady was enjoying my performance and at the arrival station she approached me and said I’m a good performer. And yes I know this is not allowed, but I just did this first time in Delhi Metro and I truly enjoyed the vibe.”

In the video, the girl can be seen dancing to the popular Punjabi song ‘Shape by Kaka’. Since being shared online, the video has garnered 44.4K likes and several comments from her followers.

“Btw Delhi Metro has banned all these stuffs inside the metro,” slammed a user.

Another user wrote, “Bas itna confidence chahiye zindagi main.”

A third user wrote, “Dar Nahin Lagta kya didi.”

Delhi Metro was recently in the news after a girl was spotted wearing bizarre outfits like Urfi Javed and another video of a couple kissing inside the metro went viral.