Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, lovebirds across the world have already started celebrating 'love week' with high enthusiasm and excitement while singles are celebrating the week by sharing different memes on social media.

Here we bring you a video that will make your day if you are single. In the video, you will find a girl selling ‘pani puri ’ and giving the sweetest offer for singles.

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As seen in the video, a girl is selling golgappa on a roadside stall. The content creator approaches the girl giving a short intro, ‘Panipuri wali’ and greets the girl by saying, “Hello Ma’am,” to which the girl responds saying, “Hello Sir.”

The boy then asks, “Do you have any offers on February 14 for single boys?”

At first, the girl seems to be confused and murmurs about ‘the offer for single boys on February 14. 

Here’s the conversation in brief:

Boy: I am single, for which I am asking this.

Girl: Sir, you can do one thing, you can have two plates at the price of one... You pay for one plate and can have two plates.

Boy: Oh, okay... So, how many golgappa will be there in one plate?

Girl: Six.

Boy: So, If I eat one then I will get the second one! Is this offer for me?

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Girl: Yes. This is offer is for single boys.

Boy: If I bring my girlfriend?

Girl: (After taking a pause) You can offer your free plate to your girlfriend (with a bright smile).

The video shared on Instagram by younickviral prompted several singles to comment and express their feelings.

“Yrr ye kitni awsome h yrr,” wrote one user. “location bhej do me jaa raha hu is didi ke passss,” wrote another user. 

“That is some pure heart person,” wrote a third user. “She is such a pure to heart,” wrote another.