Poonam Singh

Love can conquer anything in the world, and now a Pakistani couple has proved that love can unite two people despite their class, educational qualification, and financial status. Their unique love story has gone viral on the internet and has left netizens amazed.

It all started when Annie, a resident of DHA (Defense Housing Authority) in Pakistan proposed to her manservant, Isaya Gill.

A YouTube channel, the Christian couple has shared their love story. Speaking to the YouTuber, Syed Basit Ali, the couple revealed how they met and fell in love with each other despite facing a few challenges. 

Seeing Isaya's good manners, simplicity and behaviour, Annie fell in love with him and proposed to him for marriage.

During her interview, Annie explained to the show host how her family was looking for a match for her but she didn’t like the person. According to her, the person was greedy and wanted to marry her for money. So, she talked to her parents about it and they understood her.

Later, Annie’s father hired Gill to help him at his office and home. Annie then started liking Isaya’s habits, behaviour, and thinking over time, and then fell in love with him.

When Annie proposed to Isaya, he couldn't believe it and was shocked. He told he will respond after thinking over it, leaving Annie in tension. After two days, Isaya said yes to Annie.

Annie then spoke about how she was initially apprehensive about telling her parents about Ishaya. But she was surprised how her parents, especially her father, supported her and said he would talk to their relatives about her love.

Ishaya was also surprised when Annie’s family agreed to their marriage and wondered whether such people even exist in today’s world.

Annie said that while getting married, one should not bother about one's financial status rather one should marry someone who understands your feelings and respects you.

"Love doesn't see status, colour, wealth, or cast," she added.

You can watch the interview by clicking HERE.