Mrunal Manmay Dash

Kids taking care of their parents is nothing new in India. Given the culture the kids grow up in this country, it is almost taken for granted that they will have to take care of their parents.

But, when a small kid is seen pushing his parents’ bicycle to help them climb a flyover, it surely promises to bring a tear of happiness to the passersby.

Such an incident was recently captured on camera and has been going viral after IAS officer, Awanish Sharan shared it on Twitter.



The video shows a person riding a bike on a flyover and filming a family riding a bicycle. As the video goes on, a little boy can be seen pushing the bicycle up the flyover to help his parents go uphill. The kid seems to be enjoying the important responsibility and as the person riding the bike passes the family, they flash a proud smile.

Not only was the boy smiling, but his parents also appeared to be elated.

With over three lakh views, the video has melted multiple hearts online.

A user who agreed with the IAS officer commented, “You are right. Parents are the most important people in our lives who help us from birth to all the important stages of our development. They are always with us in our lives and help us to deal with every difficulty of life.” (sic)