Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Certain people develop some hobbies that might seem to be weird to others. Even we can find many individuals who dare to do something that will leave everyone shocked and terrified and at the same time amuse them. 

Here we bring a video that recently stormed the internet. The video shows a man paragliding on a couch. Moreover, he recreates the living room-like experience midair.

People interested in aerial sports don’t miss the thrill of paragliding. Running off the slopes with free parachutes and taking flight like a bird is certainly thrilling.

However, one must remain cautious while paragliding and control the parachute so that they don’t end up getting hurt or even worse. 

But, in the viral video, the man can be seen paragliding while sitting on a couch. As seen in the video, the man is preparing for his flight on a red couch while a few others are helping him out. After tying the parachute to the couch, the man readies himself for his flight by holding the parachute, and others pushed him forward down the slope. He safely takes off. 

The next visuals captured by the person were shocking, impressive as well as terrifying. The man is seen taking off his shoes and replacing them with slippers. He is also seen munching snacks and taking sips from a beverage can. He turns on the television attached to his couch and captures every moment of his paragliding on the couch with swag. Even he had a bed lamp attached to the couch. 

A few moments later, he landed safely on the ground. 

The video shared on Twitter by Weird and Terrifying has by now garnered over 10 million views and over 249k likes and has been retweeted massively. 

Netizens have hailed the amazing stunt of the Turkish man.