Cassian Baliarsingh

Amid several reports of fists and blows inside flights, passengers at Delhi airport were allegedly locked on an aerobridge by SpiceJet. The flyers also accused the airlines of ignoring the passengers and stooping to a new low in terms of hospitality.

An Instagram user shared the video and wrote, “I understand that sometimes flight gets delayed. But making the passengers cross the Boarding gate, then closing the flight gates and not letting your passengers go beyond any of these 2 ways, and locking them up in the middle is not cool.”

“When passengers asked to open the boarding gate so that they can rest back at the waiting area, the authorities denied it and went missing, when senior citizens asked for water because they were locked in there for more than an hour and had no water, the authorities didn’t give them water and told them to ask for water in the flight once the gates are open. And when people asked them how much tentative time would it take for that – they had no answer. Who treats their customers like this?”

The video with over 70K likes has left the internet fuming, while the users accused SpiceJet of high-handedness and ignoring the passengers.

“That’s why I booked Vistara.. because SpiceJet and IndiGo ka same scene hai,” commented a user, while another wrote, “If a flight gets delayed for more than 2 hours the airline will pay for the flight and the double amount of the basics fare upto 10K whichever is lower. So, they tried to act over-smart and started boarding after an hour. That’s awful.”

A third user wrote, “Don’t fall prey to SpiceJet cheap cost. Go for other flights. SpiceJet is the worst. Every time bad experience.”

There has been a spurt in violence and misbehaviour on flights in India. Earlier, a Mumbai-based businessman was arrested for peeing on a fellow passenger. Similarly, there have been several instances of fights and abuse between passengers inside flights.