Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Watching dancers performing on the stage is certainly entertaining. How would you react if the dancefloor collapses and it swallows up the dancer/s? Certainly, it would be frightening for every spectator. Think about the victims, who suffered the tragic incident!

Here we bring a video that shows a group of girls getting swallowed up by a sinkhole after the ground collapses.

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As seen in the video, a group of girls is dancing and jumping to the music beats played in the background. As it seems, the girls are dancing as a part of some celebration as the place is decorated with colourful balloons.

However, suddenly, the ground collapses and the sinkhole swallows the group of girls. Meanwhile, others standing close to them scream loudly.

The video shared on Twitter by 1 second before a disaster has so far garnered over 2 million views. While netizens have massively shared the video, it has also prompted many to deliver hilarious comments. Even some others went on to express their concerns for the girls. 

One user wrote: “And that's how the party ended. Pretty sure there's a dude there who had come all the way from Timbuktu hoping to bag one of those girls.” (sic)

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Another user wrote, “This is what we call groundbreaking performance.” (sic)

“I don't suppose that floor load-bearing capacity was tested before,” wrote a third user. (sic)

“Somebody tell me, are they survive?” wrote another. (sic)