Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The viral hotspot of the country seems to be this particular spot where everything, from kissing videos and dances to fights and relationships, goes viral.

It is the Delhi metro, which has become a hub for content creators, attracting attention whenever something unusual happens and subsequently goes viral on the internet.

Recently, a video surfaced on Instagram that shocked viewers. In the video, a lady dressed in black told another lady in pink to "Side ho jao (move aside.)"

The lady in pink reacted with vigilant behaviour, which surprised the other passengers.

She called herself crazy, ill-mannered, and vulgar, using abusive language to shout at the lady in the metro.

Another video featuring the same lady showed a different perspective, and she was using vulgar language that shocked the passengers on the metro.

The video depicts a heated verbal exchange between the two women inside the metro coach.

However, the actual reason behind their altercation remains unclear, leading viewers to speculate on the trigger of such an emotional outburst.

The video was shared by a user named Suyash Chaudhary on Instagram with the caption "Delhi metro mein apka swagat hai," inviting mixed reactions online.

People were taken aback and troubled by the way the Delhi metro has turned into a hub for such activities, evoking astonishment and concerns among commuters.

One user wondered why they have never witnessed such scenes during their years of traveling on the metro.

Some users even made humorous comparisons, likening the situation to a "Barbie vs. Oppenheimer fanbase" and suggesting the lady was auditioning for Big Boss.

In general, the video has ignited a spirited online discussion, shedding light on the increasing phenomenon of unforeseen events spreading rapidly across social media networks.