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Weddings are meticulously planned to ensure a memorable occasion for the bride and groom. However, it sometimes takes just a small incident to spoil the joy of the moment and ruin the special day. 

In a video that recently went viral, the culprits were none other than the bride and the groom themselves, who ruined their own wedding after they started beating each other on the stage, leaving every one shocked.

The video begins with a bride and a groom standing on the stage, surrounded by an atmosphere of complete happiness. However, the scene takes a shocking turn when the bride suddenly slaps the groom. The irate groom retaliates, striking back, which quickly escalates into a full-blown fight. Despite the guests' efforts to intervene, they struggled to stop the brawl.

Onlookers were stunned to see the couple fighting on their wedding day. Although they tried to break up the fight, the bride and the groom were determined to continue their confrontation.

The video was posted on Twitter by ‘@PalsSkit’ with its user name. The video has by now garnered over 381K views.

Social media users were left in splits after watching this rib-tickling video and shared their amusing observations. A user asked if it was a wedding or a divorce.

Many said that the hate between the groom and the bride was mutual. “Yeh toh pilchle janam ke badla pura kar rahe,” commented one. Another wrote, “Ab shaadi mein shaadi ke elawa sab kuch hota hain.”

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Meanwhile, a section of netizens were sure that the brawl was fabricated entirely. A user called it, “Scripted lg rha hai.”  Another agreed and wrote, “Scripted.”

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