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A video of a mother bear entering a temple with its cub has left netizens awestruck for a special reason. Well, the reason is that the bears did not cause any havoc inside the temple. Instead, they are spotted ringing the temple bell as if offering prayers to the presiding deity.

The video captured on the CCTV camera installed at the temple has gone viral on social media, leaving netizens awestruck.

As per reports, the two bears entered a temple in Andhra Pradesh's Sri Sathya Sai district. The incident has been reported from a Hindu temple in a village near Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.

CCTV footage shared by a temple official shows a mother bear and her cubs entering the temple's grounds at around 9 pm. Later, one of the bears gets hold of the rope attached to the bell and rings it.

Maranna, a priest at the temple, explained that the bell is very heavy and takes a large amount of effort even for humans to ring it. The priests said the bears often come to the temple and have not harmed anyone yet.

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Bears have earlier also visited the temple in search of food, he added.

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