Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In today's social media landscape, Bhojpuri songs have become immensely popular. Although many people may not fully understand the lyrics, the infectious beats and rhythms of Bhojpuri songs are captivating netizens worldwide.

Recently, a video featuring three casually dressed girls dancing to the Bhojpuri song "Hook Raja Ji" by Arvind Akela Kalluji went viral on social media. This song is part of the album "High Voltage Wali," and the video showcases the girls dancing effortlessly to its beats.

The first girl in the video is particularly stunning, and her graceful moves, along with those of her two friends, have entranced viewers. The lyrics, "Kahe bujheli nahi humaar dukh rajaji," resonate as the girls dance step by step, drawing in the audience.

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With over 8.1 million views, the video has garnered widespread attention. Mannu, one of the girls in the video, shared it with the caption "Vibing," sparking a flurry of comments. 

Users praised the girls' beauty and dance skills, with one commenting, "Osm pretty girls," while another expressed admiration with, "Teri jaise ko nhi dekhi ❤️."

Comments like "I like your dance" and "mast dance in Bhojpuri song I love the first girl" flooded the comment section, highlighting the video's popularity and the girls' talent.

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