Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Snakes are creepy and stream panic among all at the first sight. Isn't it? There are a variety of snakes found across the globe. While some of them are highly venomous, some are not. However, they stream fear among many. The sight of the reptile crawling is enough to trigger panic. 

However, did you know that a particular species of ancient snakes had limbs? Yes, researchers have found that for 70 million years, Najash Rionegrina snakes had hind legs which were useful to them. However, with evolution, the snakes adapted over time to live without them and currently we see all snakes are limbless.

However, a video recently went viral on social media that shows a snake walking with robotic legs. A YouTuber, Allen Pan, streamed a video on his YouTube channel in which he shows his aim and efforts of creating robotic legs for snakes that could help the reptiles to walk. Allen exhibited his engineering techniques in the video of creating the robotic legs. He also explained the entire process in the video.

After creating the device successfully, Allen heads towards a pet store, Petco, where he could find 'friendly' snakes. After taking a tour of the pet store he finally found the snake, that he could use with his invention.

The robotic legs for the snake were designed with a transparent tube in which the snake could be placed and the device had four legs that helped to walk. After placing the python inside the tube, he turned on the device. 

And, finally, the Python started walking with its robotic legs.

This video named 'giving snakes their legs back' has by now garnered over 5 million views with over 2 million likes. 

There are several theories suggesting that the limbs were in a transient phase before they quickly adapted to the current limbless form. However, new discoveries of well-preserved fossils of snakes suggested that the snakes had limbs for an extended period.

Well, if you wish to reverse the time and go to the ancient era to watch a snake walking, you certainly don't need it now!