Cassian Baliarsingh

Embracing motherhood can be exhausting and yet purposeful. It can be a very special feeling for new-to-be mothers but at the same time soul-sucking for those delivering their second or third child.

Meanwhile, an Instagram user has hilariously described the excitement of embracing motherhood through a video. The video has been shared as ‘veselajfamily’ on Instagram.

Sharing the video, they wrote, “The differences of going to the hospital to delivery baby #1, #2 and #3. I would say #3 is pretty accurate for most. I should’ve worn pajamas.”

The video starts with a couple all dressed up and going to the hospital for their first baby. Both of them seem very excited about their first child together.

However, their excitement decreases as the woman is due for the second baby. Hilariously, the excitement vanishes completely during the third baby. Social media, especially women, are able to connect with the video and have been sharing their experience.

“Baby 1 made me laugh out loud. Getting all dressed up to look cute during child birth. I’m pregnant with my first baby and I have actually thought of doing my makeup and having cute pajamas on,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “By the time you get to baby 3, giving birth is a vacation. I’d be mad when they discharge me. Cause who said I was ready to leave?”

“I’m only ten weeks pregnant and I look and feel like I crawled out of a dumpster. I feel horrible and can’t even imagine trying to be cute. I wish though!” commented another user.

“Never really understood doing your hair and makeup to deliver your baby. I get that people want nice pictures and to feel good, but girl half of it is gonna melt off your face. Also  y the time, the baby is out everyone looks exhausted and tore up to each their own I guess,” wrote another user.