Cassian Baliarsingh

Pakistan is struggling with its worst economic crisis in decades with the prices of petrol and gas at a historic high. The petrol price has been increased to Rs 272 per litre while the diesel costs Rs 280 per litre.

Apart from the fuel price hike, the country is also facing a major shortage of wheat grain as the country is currently staring at one of its worst food crises in years.

Meanwhile, a video of a Pakistani groom, expressing his outrage, after no baraatis came to his wedding due to the petrol price hike, has been going viral on social media.

Fully dressed in his wedding sherwani, the groom is seen sitting on a chair waiting for the baraati. However, to his disappointment, no relatives and guests arrive to go with him in the marriage procession. 

The video of the groom expressing his disappointment to a news channel has now surfaced online.

The video starts with the groom saying, “My marriage was fixed and the mehendi ceremony was conducted yesterday night. I was about to take my ‘baraat’ today, but the government increased the petrol price at night. Now no one is willing to come to my wedding. Relatives are saying they cannot come as the petrol price is so expensive.”

“Relatives are calling me and asking me to send them petrol. I myself have gone broke and don’t have money. We cannot even walk as it is around 2 km from here. I cannot even go alone because I at least need two witnesses at my wedding.”

“I had got a girl to marry after so much of 'bride searching', now that will also go away from me,” the groom said.

In another video, a Pakistani man can be seen breaking his own bike due to the petrol hike. Similarly, several videos of Pakistani people fighting over wheat sacks have also surfaced on social media platforms.