Mrunal Manmay Dash

A few days ago, a video of a Pakistani woman dancing to 'Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja' by Lata Mangeshkar at a wedding went viral on social media, inspiring thousands to copy her dance moves. Now, a video of an Indian man, Arsalaan Khan imitating the viral dance moves appeared online among the sea of other similar films. And, it quickly gained popularity among Internet users.

The video has received over 3.4 million views since it was shared three days ago on Instagram. Additionally, it has attracted a number of comments from online users who were in awe of his performance.

Arsalaan can be seen performing the viral dance while being supported by his buddies in the video. Millions of people watched him, and Internet users applauded him thunderously for his killing energy. 

Arsalaan is likewise dressed in green, precisely like the Pakistani woman. His Insta bio states that he is from Mumbai.

In a comment to his post, “Arsalaan himself wrote, whenever I scroll instagram feed Yahi dikhta hai. Socha bana he lu.”

Comments to his dance video were interesting too. A user, Musafir_e_kashmirr wrote, “Nazakat idhr bhi hai,” comparing Arsalaan’s moves with that Pakistani video.

Another user, syed_illiaz commented, “Ye mirzapur wale Maqbool kis line pe aagaye ho bhai,” while another wrote, "u just outperformed the pak girl bro."