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People develop different passions. Some love to face dangers, while others stay miles away from them. However, stuntmen encounter death or near-to-death conditions on a day-to-day basis while performing daredevil stunts. But, nowadays, the approach of stuntmen has changed while performing different stunts which minimize the risks of injuries or fatality. 

Have you ever seen a real-life stunt performed by someone skilled without any special safety gear?

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Here we bring a video that shows a man risking his life while performing a jaw-dropping stunt show.

As seen in the video, the camera showing a building far away pans towards a man sitting on an elastic band tied to two huge poles. It seems like a gigantic slingshot.  

The man is pulled from behind and finally rests at a point. Three other persons are also seen near the man. Everything was set up on a terrace of a high building.

Suddenly, the man is released and starts flying high in the air. As it seems, everything is set up atop the towering building to ensure the safe landing of the daredevil stuntman. However, the man goes past the landing place. Immediately, it streams panic among the three people and they rush away from the terrace.

The video shared on Twitter by Enezator has been viewed over 333K times and has gone viral with netizens sharing it massively. While some users went on to claim it to be a fake video, others expressed their amusement over the daredevil stunt.

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