Cassian Baliarsingh

"Not all heroes wear capes, in fact some just wear a pair of undies....” Such a story is of an Australian man Steve Middleton, who fought off armed robbers in his underpants.

The video of the man fighting off the robbers, who were trying to steal things from his car, in his underwear is now going crazy viral. The man has been hailed as a superhero on social media after his video went viral. The video was caught in a CCTV camera installed in Steve’s house.

The incident has been reported from Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia.

9News Gold Coast shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “Not all heroes wear capes, in fact, some just wear a pair of undies. Steve Middleton was up early on Boxing Day when he spotted some thugs trying to steal from his car – the tradie decided to take matters into his own hands.”

According to sources, Steve on Boxing Day (a day celebrated after Christmas) had woken up to his alarm in the morning at around 4:30AM. He had planned to go fishing on the holiday. However, he spotted a few youngsters with a torch light searching his car.

Without a second thought, he jumped into action right away. Interestingly, he was butt-naked and was just wearing an underpant, just like DC’s superheroes. But, he jumped into action and apprehended one of the thieves and used him as a human shield when others tried to attack him.

Although he suffered injury in the scuffle with the thieves, he managed to fight them off and finally get them arrested. Now, he is being referred to as the ‘underwear hero’ on social media. On the other hand, his friends are jokingly calling him ‘Captain Undies.’

Since being shared on Twitter, Steve’s story has over 10K views. A user commented, “Good on ya bloke,” while another commented, “Good on him taking them on – People power.”