Cassian Baliarsingh

Internet is a place where you can find some heartwarming videos that will make you believe in humanity. At the same time, it also contains videos that show the barbaric side of humans.

In a recent incident of animal cruelty, a video of a man and a woman, believed to be a couple, holding a small puppy by its hind legs and swinging it like a toy went viral on social media. 

The video has spread outrage on social media with several users demanding the immediate arrest of the ‘inhumane’ couple.

The heart-wrenching video was shared on Twitter by Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer Awanish Sharma. In the 23 second video, the duo can be seen holding the puppy by its hind legs and swinging it like a toy.

They can be heard laughing as they torture the puppy and swirl it upside down. Later, the man also swings the puppy to scare off some monkeys sitting on a boundary wall.

Sharing the video, IAS Sharma wrote, “Jaanwar Kaun?” (who is the animal).” With over 970.2k views, 6337 likes, 2119 retweets, the internet expressed outrage over the video.

“They both are worst criminals. They have overpowering primal instinct,” commented a user while another wrote, “Sir, we have been working on these issues from years now, support from people has also grown but still a long way to go. Policy makers, implementers, enforcement agencies don’t support. We need help. I have seen 100x worse than this many times. We humans have stooped very low.”

A third user commented, “What the hell. This girl, that guy and also the one who’s holding the camera.”

“Sometimes, I feel Insaan Se Zyada Bura Koi Jaanwar Iss Dharti Pe Nahin Hai.. Sharam Aani Chahiye,” commented another user.