Poonam Singh

Even if dowry is illegal and a punishable offence in the country, it is still common for a groom's family to seek cash and other valuables from the bride's family during the marriage. 

And it’s not just a rural India problem as many well-educated and influential people also don’t shy away from asking for dowries.
Oftentimes, they pop up demands at a time into the wedding preparations when the bride’s family can’t even say no as it becomes a matter of their dignity and reputation.

However, a brave bride from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district called off the wedding when the groom and his family demanded a tractor as dowry just before the marriage. After this, the bride's family held all the members of the wedding procession including the groom hostage.

According to an Aaj Tak report, the marriage of a youth of Bhaisani Islampur village of Shamli was fixed with a young woman from Kulhari village under the Charthawal police station area. 

On Tuesday, the groom reached the bride’s village with his baraat procession. But, just before the marriage, the groom’s family demanded a tractor. When the bride came to know about the groom’s demand, she called off the wedding.  

The angry family of the bride also detained the groom and his relatives. Meanwhile, the bride's uncle said that the boy's father had demanded a tractor. He said that they had not kept the groom hostage rather they have fed the baraatis and made the groom sit till the villagers take a decision regarding the marriage.

“We demand that the expenses incurred in the marriage should be accounted for,” said the bride’s uncle. He further said, “We are ready for whatever decision the villagers take.”

The groom admitted to having asked for a tractor in dowry. He said that he was taken hostage for asking dowry but he wants to go ahead with the marriage and get married.

On the other hand, the bride said that she does not want to marry someone who asks for dowry.

“The alliance was fixed two years ago, however, they have demanded a bike and tractor now. We have refused to give anything now,” she further added.