Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google recently held its large event, Google I/O 2024, where it introduced several significant upgrades.

These included the release of new Gemini and Gemma models, as well as the latest AI features, with a unique focus on the 'Project Astra' model.

This Project Astra is an advanced tech creation that seems straight out of a movie when Google demonstrates it, but it is very much a reality.

This AI model operates when you ask it questions, provided you are wearing the necessary prototype glasses device. Once activated, it responds to your inquiries.

A recent viral video on social media showcases Project Astra solving math problems. In the video, Google DeepMind demonstrates the AI's capabilities by asking it to solve a factorization question and later correcting a graph of a quadratic equation.

Project Astra successfully factors the equation after a woman, wearing a prototype glasses device, asks it to do so. It then analyses a graph drawn by the woman and offers the correct solution.

Google describes Project Astra as a prototype exploring the future of AI assistants.

Building on the Gemini models, it features AI agents capable of quickly processing multimodal information, understanding your context, and responding to questions conversationally, creating more natural interactions.

While Project Astra is still in the early testing stages, with no specific launch dates announced, a test version of the model is available on the DeepMind website.

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