Cassian Baliarsingh

Expressing all the emotions you feel for your partner is not an easy task. It could be overwhelming and leave the partner at a loss for words. So, it is essential to propose in a proper romantic manner so that he/she does not get angry or reject the proposal.

A lot of times words don’t match up to what one feels from inside. In such a scenario, it is better to take your partner to a romantic place, get down on the knees, and propose to him/her. However, not all romantic proposals turn into a forever.

Sometimes, a girl may reject you for some reason or the other. Meanwhile, a video of a young girl rejecting a boy’s proposal in full public view has left the internet heartbroken. The viral video shows the boy getting rejected by the girl over reasons yet to be known.

The video opens with a boy waiting for a girl in a public place, believed to be a park. He is seen standing in the park with a red ring box. As soon as the girl reaches him, he gets down on his knees and proposes to her.

However, the girl doesn’t seem to be impressed with his proposal. She goes close to him and checks on the ring before leaving the place in disappointment. This leaves the boy heartbroken while other people present at the site are left shocked.

With a heavy heart, the boy then stands up and goes on his own way, leaving all the on-lookers in shock. The video of the rejection has gone viral with netizens sympathizing with the youth.

“Don’t worry brother you deserve better than her,” commented a user. Another user wrote, “Welcome to the single club man, welcome to the gym.”

“Her choice to accept or not, maybe it’s broken heart to him, first he made his Choice, she took hers….. anyhow wish you good luck bro… she doesn’t deserve you,” commented another user.